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vrm models

In fact, this model is based on a paper by the inventor of the vrm, Dr. Gerald Ford. Dr. Ford was so inspired by these models that he was inspired to do the same thing. You can see a vrm…

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todd snyder nyc

Todd Snyder and his family have been in the wine business for over 25 years. After starting at a small family winery, they expanded to grow their business into one that is the largest in the country. Todd has been…

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teal and orange aesthetic

I love yellow. It is the color of my favorite foods, the color of the sky, and the color of the ocean. It is also the color of my favorite cars. This combination of tones of yellow and orange is…

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Fvier is an animal that is a member of the dolphin family. They are known as the most social animals in the animal kingdom. Fvier is the name of a marine mammal (and may be a mammal of some sort)…

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70s womens outfits

As the 90s comes to an end and we look back at how they shaped us and our style, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by what we see. It’s hard to separate the looks from the culture, particularly when it…

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nails logo ideas

I have a lot of nails on my nails, so I’m working with nail polishes. I would like my nail polish to have a bit more polish/lightness, but I’m not sure how I would do it. I don’t have the…