If you’re a fan of fragrances, you may be intrigued to know more about the brand’s founder, Ben Gorham. This Swedish native is an entrepreneur and style icon. He knows how important it is to project a captivating image in order to succeed in business, yet denies creating a persona to promote his brand.

Byredo’s founder is a native Swede

The Byredo brand is a Swedish luxury label that reinvents luxury. The brand has a cult following and has made a name for itself in the fashion world. They offer an extensive range of perfumes, candles, soap bars, and bath oils. They’re sold in high-end stores around the world, including Fred Segal in Los Angeles, and sell out quickly. In addition to launching fragrances, Byredo has also expanded into leather goods and accessories.

It’s made in France

Byredo is a company with a history of expansion far beyond perfumes. The brand has collaborated with fashion designers like Virgil Abloh and Travis Scott and has expanded into small leather goods and footwear. It even has a line of cosmetics created by makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench.

It’s produced in Sweden

Byredo Perfumes is a Swedish fragrance brand that produces exclusive fragrances. The company uses a minimal number of ingredients in their products. The line also includes skincare products and scented candles. The scents are designed to evoke feelings and memories.

It’s free of endocrine disruptors

When buying Byredo fragrance at Alla Violetta Boutique, be sure to look for fragrances that are free of phthalates. These chemicals are known to disrupt the natural hormones of the body. Some have been linked to thyroid problems, early puberty, and the development of breast cancer in later life. Others may increase your risk of asthma and allergies.

It’s made with 100% ingredient transparencies

One of the most impressive qualities of BYREDO Perfumes, apart from their 100% ingredient transparency, is that all their fragrances are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their entire collection is made with 90% recycled glass, which makes them 100% sustainable. These scents are also visually stunning with their stylish bottles.

It loses intensity quickly

If you’re a lover of beauty and fragrance, you might be interested in knowing some facts about Byredo perfumes. Its founder, Ben Gorham, is a style icon who has become an entrepreneurial star in the world of beauty. He understands the importance of projecting an intriguing image to attract customers. While this image is important for the company’s business, he denies that he is creating a public persona.