Air hockey is an incredibly favored arcade game primarily because of its ease of play, allowing access for a broad age range. Smaller kids can keep the game within their control as far as intensity, the speed, and just having the best time. 

It’s become so popular with every age that homeowners are adding a rec room specifically so they can put in an air hockey table of their very own in the space to play whenever they want. The challenge when considering a table is how to start the process. 

While almost everyone has played the game, few are experienced in actually purchasing the table. Fortunately, there are a few tips from those experienced with selecting the best option for their goals and matching the surrounding household interior. Let’s examine what some of these pros have to say.

How To Select The Best Air Hockey Tables

Spending a lot of time at the arcade can add up to quite a bit of money playing the varied games. The costs are rising in these entertainment venues somewhat because there are few, but the demand is great. 

People of all ages love the lights and sounds whirring around them, but one doesn’t need the flash or the whizzing to attract the crowd is the draw of the air hockey table. This game usually has a line waiting; well, people will usually place a quarter to hold their spot as the next person to play after someone loses.  

But instead of spending time waiting in line or all of your coinage that you’ve had to save for who knows how long to afford a single night at the arcade, it makes more sense to invest in a discount air hockey table for your own home game room. 

As much as you and your friends play, the investment will be returned in no time. The challenge is to select the best table that meets your specific needs. Learn tips on choosing the ideal air hockey table and then review further tips meant to help guide you toward that end.

. What is your budget

The ideal would be to have a limitless budget allowing the purchase of a table resembling one from your childhood, identical to the arcade. Until you have bottomless pockets and no other monthly expenses, that might be a bit of a challenge since these can range to the exceptionally expensive depending on the accessories, size, and material. 

The idea is to research the range of prices and determine what you can realistically afford without putting you into financial jeopardy. 

Armed with this amount plus a list of the features you need to have, what is a must, and the appropriate size for the space without budging from the amount you’ve set for yourself. That will start you on your search,

. Who will be playing

The people who enjoy the table will have specific expectations. Adult friends will expect features from when they would play back in the day at the arcade. They will also anticipate a size to accommodate their needs. The bigger and more features will mean more cost. 

But if you have little ones who want to play, the table needs to be satisfactory for them as well. A prime consideration is that the less advanced tables will likely be less durable. Children tend to play these sorts of games endlessly and roughly, meaning you want the material to hold up to abuse.

In this situation, you likely would want to look into more of an intermediary table. These serve those who have more of a passion for playing but not to the extent that you want to go into a professional league or anything like that.

The indication is there are a vast array of tables for the intermediate level because so many people opt for them over any other selection. The prices have reached a much more budget-friendly level as time has passed without dismissing quality. 

That doesn’t mean you’ll receive all the features, and you won’t get all the flash, but they’re built well, and you won’t need to upgrade any time soon. View here to find out how long air hockey tables last.

Final Thought

An air hockey table will be a considerable investment if you’re looking for quality, a few features, and a decent size that will fit comfortably in your game room. Fortunately, that investment will give you returns in a few ways. 

Perhaps you won’t need to spend so much time in the arcade atmosphere, once in a while for the nostalgia, of course, but you can save some money while you’re there.

If you put in adequate care and upkeep, a quality air hockey table should last for an extensive lifespan. The tables don’t require high maintenance, with a priority being to keep the surface clean. 

The manufacturer will include cleaning instructions along with other maintenance tips. It’s not a lot, but that little bit makes a huge difference in making your investment count.