We live in a time where online shopping is probably one of the most popular and convenient ways to find the perfect shapewear. We know that finding the right shapewear dress that flatters your figure and fits well and going through the world of e-commerce can actually be very daunting. 

This is why we have created a little guide that will show you how to shop for your daily shapewear and your favorite shapewear dress. Our best tricks and tips will provide you with a satisfying and successful experience when shopping online. 


First, you have to know that to find not only shapewear dresses but  is really essential that you know all of your measurements. Grab a measuring tape and accurately measure the areas you wish to shape or enhance. These areas tend to be your waist, bust, and hips. 

Once you have your measurements, go to your online retailer of choice and check the sizing chart provided by them. Remember that sizes may vary from brand to brand so, if you look into different brands, always check the measurements each product provides. 

Another important step is to read the product descriptions when you are buying a tummy control shapewear online. The descriptions will usually help you understand the shaping capabilities they have, all of their materials and features too. Details such as target areas, the type of technology that was used and the compression levels are details that you should always pay attention to. 


Most websites will have customer reviews, and these are great insights from previous buyers about the satisfaction, comfort, and fit that you might eventually get and you should take advantage of. If possible, pay the most attention, to the reviews from people that have a similar body type to yours. This way you’ll get a general idea of how the shapewear dress will look and work for you. 

Consider the design and style when you are online shopping for shapewear dresses, and make sure the ones you pick actually suit the occasion you are going to wear them and your style preferences too. You can look for images that have different angles, it will help you visualize how it can look on your body and always consider the patterns and colors available, making sure, all of them complement your wardrobe and personal style. 


This is something we tend to overlook, but when you are buying online, it is important that you review carefully the return policy that the brand offers you. Sometimes what we buy doesn’t really meet our expectations nor fit us properly, so it’s important that they offer an easy and also hassle-free exchange or return process. 

Finally, always and especially when you are shopping online, it can be very beneficial that you actually do a bit of research about the brand and its reputation. 


The best you can do is look for brands that have a positive record when it comes to customer satisfaction and quality and also specialized in shapewear. There are websites where you can read reviews and testimonials so you can get a better perspective. 

Also, if you find out that the brand has commitments to include innovation in the technology of the shapewear, sizing, and even the use of high-quality materials and fabrics. Reputable brands will increase the possibility for you to find a shapewear dress that actually meets all your expectations. If possible, make sure that the brand values are aligned with yours, so when you are buying their products, you are feeling great about it and don’t regret it in the end.