Planning honeymoon on a budget? Then you may consider some of the destinations enlisted below. There are many honeymoon destinations that can give you an experience of a lifetime without breaking the bank. Looking to buy Spotify streams instantly?? Jaynike got you! A honeymoon can be romantic, memorable, and special but not necessarily expensive. Many places like Niagara-on-the-lake in Canada and Istria in Croatia, offer the same atmosphere at a fraction of the cost compared to more popular tourist hot spots.

While a couple’s honeymoon is supposed to be a trip to remember it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive that they won’t have enough savings left when they get back. There are still so many expenses a couple needs to be ready for as they start their lives together. A honeymoon can be romantic, memorable, and special but not necessarily expensive.

Many locations will make one shell out a fraction of what they would in other more well-known places. Plus, these destinations are not as crowded and busy so that you’ll most likely have the place to yourself. Here are just a few of the best honeymoon destinations that promise to give you an experience of a lifetime but won’t break the bank.

1. Istria, Croatia

Beautiful romantic old town of Rovinj with magical sunset in the Istrian Peninsula,Croatia,Europe. Image credit: DaLiu/

This heart-shaped peninsula in Croatia has very strong Italian influences. You’ll feel like you’re in Tuscany in some parts, in Venice by the port, and in Rome when you see the structures. The place owes its unique cultural gems to its rich historical heritage. At some point, the peninsula was home to Roman emperors, medieval rulers, and members of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Each of them left their mark in Istria with beautiful structures and cultural influences passed down through generations.

There’s a well preserved Roman amphitheater here, samples of Venetian architecture set between cobblestone streets, medieval structures, beaches where you can watch the sunset, and rows upon rows of dining spots including the first Michelin star restaurant in Croatia.

2. Aveiro, Portugal

Aerial View of Aveiro City Portugal, The Venice Of Portugal. Image credit: AsesVorazes/

Portugal has always been one of Europe’s most beautiful budget locations. Travel around Portugal is significantly cheaper than going around Spain. Here you can stretch your dollar further.  Aside from charming Lisbon, with its dizzying array of interesting museums, the country is also home to a romantic city deemed the “Venice of Portugal”—Aveiro.

Aveiro is a quaint little town that’s much less crowded than Lisbon or other major cities and is perfect for honeymooners who are looking for some quiet and private time together. Located an hour away from Porto, it is famous for its beautiful canals much like those you’d see in much more expensive (and almost always crowded) Venice. The place also boasts of beautiful architecture at every turn and access to scrumptious and fresh seafood.

You can rent a Moliceiro or boats that look a lot like Venice’s gondolas that can take you on a 45-minute tour around the canals. From the boat, you can admire the intricate details and the pretty Art-Nouveau architecture. The canals are lined with bakeries and shops selling souvenirs you can explore with your partner. The best part about a trip to Aveiro is that it has a nice beach around 10 minutes away. The beach called Praia da Barra has long wooden walkways where you can walk in the afternoon to watch the sunset.

3. Coron, Philippines

People enjoying on Kayangan Lake in Coron Island, Palawan, The Philippines. Image credit: Phuong D. Nguyen/

The Philippines is a much more affordable destination compared to the more famous South East Asian tourist hot spot Thailand. The country is home to some of the most beautiful beaches with the finest white sand in the world. With warm sunny weather, almost the whole year ‘round the place has become synonymous with beach vacations and island getaways. It is composed of over 7,000 islands the most famous of which is Palawan that boasts of gorgeous lagoons and pristine coastlines.

Coron in Palawan is one of the most picturesque islands in the country that features beautiful blue lagoons surrounded by limestone cliffs. You can book affordable island hopping tours, rent a houseboat, or a floating villa that will let you sleep right smack in the middle of a lagoon, and go diving to see WWII shipwrecks. Food and most fees for activities here are affordable too.

4. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, California, USA. Image credit: Celso Diniz/

One way to save a lot of money is to skip the expensive plane ride and go somewhere closer to home. Lake Tahoe has always been a favorite among honeymooners who don’t want to go out of the country or travel too far from home. Its cobalt blue lake, beautiful state parks, quaint little towns, majestic waterfalls, and secret beaches make this place an ideal destination for a young newly-wed who’d like to have a good time without breaking the bank.

Much of the place’s natural beauty can be enjoyed for free, you can stop by a waterfall or watch the sunset or swim on the beach without shelling out money. The best time to come here is on a weekday when resorts normally offer special discounts for visitors. It’s best to avoid holidays too as the place could get pretty crowded and prices for everything like accommodation and activities are more expensive as well.

5. Niagara on The Lake, Canada

Niagara On the Lake streets and restaurants during a busy tourist season at summer. Image credit: Eskystudio/

Another place that’s closer to home is this charming and picturesque little town located South of Ontario in Canada. Niagara-on-the-lake or NOTL is home to several wineries and distilleries where you can roam around vineyards and taste exquisite vino. The place is a much more affordable alternative to Napa Valley that’s a lot less crowded too.

Located around 20 kilometers from the famous Horseshoe Falls, NOTL has 40 wineries most of which are family-run and promises to give visitors a down-to-earth wine tasting experience. It also has a charming 19th-century village that will seem to take you to another place and time. Couples can frolic around the vineyards and enjoy an entire afternoon of wine and cheese pairing without breaking the bank.