The abbreviated form of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is TRNC and in Turkish calls by KKTC. Probably you know it like Northern Cyprus and it’s a correct term asl well. On the other hand, when you plan to travel there, you may confuse some terms. Let us to explain step by step… You can buy Spotify plays without any problem.

Northern Cyprus is the part of Cyprus Island and it’s a de facto country that means one or some more countries recognize its independence. In this care, only Turkey recognizes.

There’re two different way to arrive there. One of them is entering from south side. There’re a few customs; but we don’t know about all details and we have not this experience. In this content, we’d like to inform you about travel to Northern Cyprus via Turkey.

There’re also two ways to travel to Northern Cyprus from Turkey:

You can enjoy with seaways. There’re seaway lines to Girne and Gazimagusa from Alanya (Antalya), Tasucu (Mersin), Mersin. It’s a weak chance to travel with this way, let’s look at airways…

Search it

There is only one public airport in Northern Cyprus. Its name is Ercan (IATA: ECN, ICAO: LCEN) and it’s located close to Nicosia. When you search that airport in websites of airlines, you can find different words. We looked at  English websites today (3rd May, 2019) and here is the results:

When you write “Lefkosa” or “Ercan”, Turkish Airlines and AnadoluJet show the results. You should not search it by “Nicosia”. On the other hand, in the website of Atlasglobal, you should write “Nicosia” or “Ercan”. Pegasus shows the results whatever you write “Lefkosa”, “Nicosia” or “Ercan”.

ps: It’s possible to fly Larnaca International Airport and/or Paphos International Airport with other airlines.

Visa Regulations

The citizens of EU members and Turkey can enter with their passport or national ID card. All other travelers have to bring their passport. And all citizens can get a visa, when they arrive. There’re two exceptions: Citizens of Nigeria and Armenia.

ps: Don’t forget to bring round trip ticket, and proof of confirmed hotel reservation as well.

From Where?

When you fly from a city to Northern Cyprus, you can face with two different situations:

i) When you arrive to airport in Turkey, you can change the aircraft.

ii) There’s no direct flight between Northern Cyprus and another country except of Turkey. But in some cases, you don’t need to get off the plane. Some passengers may gett of and new ones may board, then you continue to destination.

You should learn the details on your flight tickets.

When you Arrive to Airport

Some hotels provide free airport transportation. On your booking, you should control this facility. You may write an e-mail or you can call them to learn it also.

If they don’t provide it, there’re three options:

i) KIBHAS: The company has bus lines to Girne, Lefkosa, Gazimagosa, Guzelyurt, and Lefke. You can arrive to Girne in one hour and ten minutes for example.

ii) Rent a Car: You can arrange a car before you arrive. Also you can find different models of different brands in the airport. There’re a few offices. If you’re okay with left-hand traffic (LHT), it can be good option to travel around the country freely.

iii) Taxies: As you guess, there’ll be too many taxies around the exit. You can try to higgle.

Some Extra Informations

Currency is Turkish Lira and you can exchange it in exchange offices, banks and most of jewelry stores.

Official language is Turkish; but most of the people know English. Also almost all hotels have English, French, Russian, Arabic speaking staff.