In general, cigars should be stored at 70 percent humidity. That’s a simple but important rule of thumb. If it’s too humid, you will find your premium cigars are damaged. This will show up in cracked wrappers and uneven burn. In some cases, too much humidity can even cause mold and split wrappers.

RH 69%

In order to keep your cigars at the optimal humidity, you should maintain their relative humidity at a level that’s at least 69%. The actual humidity will vary from the stated value on the package by one to four points, depending on the barrier properties. This is why you should choose a humidor that’s in the middle of the RH spectrum.

Whether you’re using an airtight humidor or a wood humidor, there’s a humidification solution to suit your cigars’ requirements. Boveda’s 69 % RH 2-Way moisture packs are a great option because they provide the right humidity for your cigars while still maintaining their natural oils and sugars. Moreover, they’re bacteria and mildew-resistant and will stay fresh for months if properly stored.

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Boveda RH is a reliable humidification system that has accuracy to 1%. But, humidors are not airtight and the actual RH can stabilize as much as five points lower than the Boveda reading. Boveda is also not compatible with other humidification systems.

Another important factor that affects the humidity level is the season. Premium cigars do not respond well to high temperatures and humidity fluctuations. This can cause cigars to expand or contract, which can affect their flavor and construction.

RH 72%

If you want the best humidifier for cigars, you should know the rules regarding the right relative humidity (RH). It is important to know that the humidity level is influenced by the ambient temperature. This chart was originally posted on the Canada Cigar Forum, and is adapted from the US Department of Agriculture’s Agriculture Handbook.

Cigars and pipes both require an ideal RH of around 72%. For tobacco, this is RH 69%. However, RH 72% is optimal for Cuban cigars. To preserve the wrappers, RH 72% is best. Wood humidors may lose between two and five percent of their RH over time. The 72% RH pack helps cigars to retain their high 60s RH level.

In humidors, you should maintain a constant humidity between 65% and 72%. This is because humidity is sensitive to tobacco, and higher humidity and temperature will cause tobacco beetles to hatch. A cigar humidor should be maintained between 68 and 72% RH, but the ideal humidity level depends on the type of cigars and the climate where you live.

RH 75%

A good humidor is essential to preserving your cigars. If the humidity level is too high, mold will form on your cigars. This fungus is caused by the combination of humidity and temperature. The humidity level should not exceed 72%. Below that level, cigars will stay fresh longer and taste better.

Humidity can vary widely, even within the same room. In New Orleans, the humidity is often so high that your shirt sticks to your skin. While some humidity levels are beneficial for cigars, others are unsuitable. A good range is between 62% and 72%. For the best humidor conditions, keep your cigars in a room with low humidity.

Besides humidity, the temperature can affect the life of cigars. If the humidity is too high, cigars may burn too slowly or will unravel while smoking. Ideally, cigars should be stored at a relative humidity of 70% and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there is a limit to the amount of humidity a cigar humidor can hold. Typically, a cigar humidor should not be too hot or too cold, so it is important to check the humidity level regularly.

While the 70/70 humidity rule is generally a good rule, many smokers are sensitive to humidity. It’s important to remember that high humidity is harmful to premium cigars, and lowering humidity can improve the life of your cigars. The best humidors will have humidifying devices built into them to keep humidity levels around 70 percent.