One of the perks of being in the beauty industry is it is dynamic. This ever-changing industry challenges the creativity and innovativeness of those in it. The quality of this industry allows workers to use their full potential. Many professions are not well known, like being a hair color specialist or cosmetic chemist. Those are just some of the underrated and least noticed careers in this enormous industry. This article will show some of the career opportunities there are in the beauty industry.

1. Model

Modeling is one of the ways the products in this industry are advertised. They serve as the canvas and the visual aid of the art. Being a model itself is a completely different job but is still within the industry. There are different types of models. Some examples of the types of models are runway, commercial, fashion, glamour, promotional, and print. Each category has a different purpose, but it plays a huge role in representing the ‘beauty’ in the beauty industry.More than a few websites are dedicated to jobs in Sarkari. But just like any job, some websites might be better than others. To help you find the best ones, we’ve compiled a list of all Sarkari job websites that you can use as a helpful guide when searching for your next job.

2. Braider

Braiders are common in the African-American communities. They are the ones who braid hair. However, they are different from the common hairstylists since they specialize in braiding hair that is the same type as African Americans. 

Being a braider requires extreme patience and skills. It is not easy to handle curly hair that is the same type as black peo[ple has. These types of hair are very hard to manage and control.  Braiding requires a lot of patience because whether your client’s hair is short or long, this is a very tedious and time-consuming job. You have to braid the strands of hair tightly and thoroughly. Most hairstyles also require small sections, increasing the time consumed just to braid one client. Braiding hair can take three to six hours depending on the length and style, but if the client has long hair, it could take even up to ten hours!

3. Makeup artist

Makeup artists are one of the best careers to venture into in the industry. Your name can easily spread if you are skilled and talented enough. With recommendations, you can even catch the eye of famous and high-end celebrities. 

Being a makeup artist can help you improve your interpersonal skills and creativity. Being a makeup artist means that there won’t be a routine; you will use different styles and put different colors. Who wouldn’t like to play around while getting paid? This also means that you’ll meet and interact with many different people. If a certain client is impressed with your work, they may become regular and even recommend you to their friends. 

4. Cosmetic chemist 

Cosmetic chemists are the ones who research, study, and test various raw resources to create cosmetics. This job requires a lot of patience and involves a lot of studying. You are the one responsible for studying the chemicals and how they react. Since you are going to create and test projects, there will definitely be a lot of errors, and this process involves a lot of trial and error, so determination and patience are very important. 

5. Nail technician

Nail technicians are the ones who give manicures and pedicures. They paint the nails of their clients and even create nail art. It can be as dipole as painting their nails with a plain color, adding rhinestones, to having complex designs. On top of that, clients also use different kinds of artificial nails, like acrylic, gel, and silk. Each type requires different care and process. 

6. Hair color specialist

A hair color specialist understands the color theory and the technical concepts of coloring hair. They specialized in using different techniques to pick the color and shade that fits the client’s features and how to apply them.