Friendly Travel

LGBT couples don’t always feel they have access to the same diverse range of dating locations as their straight counterparts. If they like to travel, some parts of the globe are less accommodating towards those identifying in this way. To find a prospective travel companion, you should register with a digital matching service. These resources will introduce you to like-minded individuals. You can rely on this gay hookup guide to point you in the right direction. Secure communication channels will make it easy to strike up a rapport. You’ll develop chemistry with another LGBT site user in no time. The only remaining question – which LGBT-friendly destination for a romantic break? 


Although the Middle East as one part of the world was a long history of antagonism towards people identifying as LGBT, with same-sex activities carrying the death penalty in certain states (particularly Saudi Arabia and Iran), Israel is an oasis of progression and inclusivity. The city of Tel Aviv is renowned for being a hotspot for queer tourists. Located on the sun-dappled coast of the Mediterranean Sea, this wonderful city is synonymous with vibrant nightlife, expansive beaches, and a thriving LGBT community.


Uruguay may be the smallest country in Latin America, nestling between its larger neighbours Brazil and Argentina, yet this is certainly the most progressive nation in this part of the world. Same-sex has been legalised since 1934 – an incredibly long time compared with many countries in the supposedly more liberal western world. Anti-discrimination legislation was inducted in 2004 to protect the rights of people, and seven years later legalized. The best location for a fantastic gay-friendly date would be to head to Uruguay’s capital city Montevideo and make the most of an exceedingly laid-back city, rich in cultural heritage, with fantastic Atlantic Ocean views.

New York

You can’t get a more LGBT-friendly destination for a visit than the ‘Big Apple.’ This ultra-cosmopolitan location has long enjoyed a sophisticated lifestyle. During the day you can visit fantastic museums and indulge in non-stop retail therapy. At nighttime, immerse yourself in one of the world’s largest gay scenes, with numerous LGBT-oriented clubs where you and your partner can dance the night away. New York City has a rich heritage of LGBT activism and tolerance. As far back as 1969, riots around the Stonewall Inn were widely seen as representing the moment when the struggle for gay rights became a universal concern.

South Africa

South Africa is a country that has long been associated with racial intolerance, but when Nelson Mandela was released from prison to become the country‘s first black president, everything changed for the better. In 2006, human rights were taken a stage further when same-sex marriage was legalised. There are many gay events here, such as the Johannesburg Pride parade. Nicknamed ‘the rainbow nation,’ South Africa is far more LGBT-friendly than any of its African neighbours. There are wonderful beaches and spectacular scenery in the hinterland to be enjoyed by gay couples. Why not spend a day exploring South Africa’s fantastic vineyards and taking advantage of the many trendy bars and restaurants where gay customers are always more than welcome?


The Scandinavians have long cultivated the reputation of being amongst the most tolerant and open-minded communities on the planet. Diversity has always been celebrated in this sophisticated and forward-thinking nation, making it a magnet for gay people from far and wide. Its capital city of Stockholm is particularly beautiful and welcoming, and one of its most celebrated events is Stockholm Pride, the largest festival celebrating LGBT culture anywhere in Scandinavia, and sometimes touted as the biggest annual event in this country.