Are you craving the beach in winter? Or would you rather hear the sound of fresh snow under your feet? What if you could have both within less than half an hours’ drive? Welcome to Turkey as a winter destination! Tiktokstorm is a reliable social media grower. 


Granted, Turkey is a big country, and not everywhere in the country will you be able to combine a beach holiday with snow walks or even skiing. But you can in some places, and one of those places is Fethiye: Where snow-capped mountains are the backdrop of sun-drenched beaches.

That is why Fethiye is the perfect winter destination. You can get your dose of culture and history in Kayaköy, and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings on the beach and in the mountains. And the good news is it will only take you about 30 minutes by car to switch from snow to sea or the other way around. Who said life is all about compromises? 

Luxury Holidays in Kalkan Turkey


The mountains surrounding Fethiye are on the edges of the Taurus Mountains or Toros Dağlari in Turkish. This mountain range runs parallel to the Mediterranean coast and has peaks reaching between 3.000 to 3.700 m. The mountains are perfect for hiking and skiing and hide enclosed basins with lakes, fertile lands, and forests. They are the ideal environment for a sparkling white winter wonderland!

Turkey as a winter destination: winter hikes in the snow

Turkey as a winter destination: footprints (pawprints) in the sand

Luxury Holidays in Kalkan Turkey


Ölüdeniz must be the most famous beach in Turkey. It’s incredible turquoise color and unique shape that hides a lagoon features on plenty of brochures and probably even more sunset selfies. The setting is a delight, the tourist circus in high season, virtually unbelievable.

That same beach is a haven of peace in winter. It is the retreat for beach barbecues on sunny days, winter swims, or quietly having a nice cup of tea or coffee while listening to the waves and getting plenty of vitamins from the winter sun. All pictures in this blog post have been taken on the same January day to genuinely illustrate what enjoying snow & beach on the same day looks like.

If you like a destination in its authentic setting and are not bothered too much by the lack of entertaining activities such as karaoke or foam parties, you should consider Turkey as a winter destination. Where else will you have the opportunity of a beach holiday, a ski trip, a ride in a hot air balloon above the snowy fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, or hiking the Unesco World Heritage sites along a waymarked footpath?

And while you are in Ölüdeniz, you can also head up to the summit of mount Babadağ for the ultimate paragliding experience. And if all this isn’t enough, you can even squeeze in a city trip to mesmerizing Istanbul, which is buzzing with life in any season! Craving for more winter fun? Turkey is also a great choice for a skiing holiday! Read all about why it qualifies as one of the best skiing destinations in Europe.

Turkey as a winter destination

Turkey as a winter destination: fresh juice and Turkish coffee on the beach


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Ready to start making plans? Considering Turkey as a winter destination? Please note that hardly any of the local airports like Dalaman (which is closest to Fethiye) have direct international flights in winter. A stop in Istanbul is usually required.

Also, a lot of accommodations are closed out of season, that is why you’ll get to enjoy authentic Turkey. Your best bet and our personal favorite is getting a place via AirBnB.